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rainbowdrop I am sorry that I cannot post your birthday gift ;^; I still have the virus, as soon as I fix it, I will post it!
Hi guys! I have been back for a while, but a virus on my computer has forbid me to stay on here for more than 2 mins, the reason I can even post this update is because I wrote it beforehand and quickly pressed "Post Status" button. So, I will keep drawing, and I will try to take care of this virus, but for now I won't be able to see your messages/DA posts.
Hope you guys are stayin' awesome!
Tagged by machineguninc , ClockworkLink  and Atomic8497 

I'm doing Atomic's rules because the others are so much harder with just 3 public OCs.
- Post these rules.
- Post 8 facts about your character.
- Tag 8 other characters.
- Post their names along with their creators' usernames/avatars.

Let's get deeper with Soulaxe yeah? She feels plain and boring atm.

Fact 1- She only has part time jobs.
She can't find any jobs that she wants to commit to, so she decides that part time jobs can sustain her rent.

Fact 2- Maguvial was based on my first DnD character.
I still use her name for every dnd, doesnt matter if she is a mage or mechanic. I have too much of an emotional attachment to her. Might draw all her versions someday.

Fact 3- Maguvial was also based on myself.
I guess I have such an attachment because I based her off me. But since I keep some of my identity a secret she is very bland. So I will make changes to her.

Fact 4- The world which Maguvial lives has a special religion.
What is known as the Quintiple Religion, has taken the hearts of many people. Maguvial doesn't particularly believe in them, but she does know about them as it is the most well known.

Fact 5- Maguvial is addicted to drinking grape juice.
No, not wine, and not grape soda (even though she finds the soda it pretty good). Maguvial religiously drinks grape juice whenever she has the time. I not quite sure myself if it is a problem...

Fact 6- She makes her own weapons.
When she was just a lil'in, she started sharpening sticks for pretend battle, at her early teens she made a air-pressured gun from a plastic bottle, some wood, a bike pump, and a whole bunch of duct tape. She hasn't got the hang of it yet, (hence the weird stick weapon) but she will get there one day. 

Fact 7- Maguvial doesn't have many friends.
Whether she just doesn't want to be friends with others, or her insecurities of being a good person and not showing her actual feelings to others are getting in the way.... Yeah it might be the first one...

Fact 8- Maguvial sometimes likes to break the 4th wall.
Cause why not? Most things in comics or movies are unrealistic (Like how a person who falls from a building into a car and has no broken bones) So if something happens like that in Maguvial's world, she will point it out some times.

I cant tag people so uhhh....
I tag everyone... Yeah...


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